Style and elegance in every detail, to choose second occasion, personal taste and fit. 


Large cut shirt, to be worn under the jacket for a formal or formal attire. It is an ideal model for any type of bodywork, perfect for a classic look.

Cutting slightly adherent to an ideal shirt for those who choose a sporty and timeless look.

Adherent cut shirt, ideal for casual and casual look. Adapted to a slim body, it must be worn out of the trouser.


Said “straight-to-punch”, it is a semi-open sail-sized collar with removable slats. The distance between the tips is variable and needs to be calibrated with the revers of the jacket and with the width of the tie. Ideal for tie, especially for small knots, is the most popular model because it is the most versatile and suitable for every look.

Half French
It is also called “Windsor Collar,” by the name of the Duke who invented it. Large sail neck, with open tips and pull-outs, is perfect for matching formal outfits.

Button down
It is a half-closed neckline with buttons, to be worn open or tight tie. It gives the look a sporty look and is why it turns out to be the winning choice for casual outfits.



With twin closure
They always require the use of cufflinks, ideal for the most elegant and worldly occasions, generally twin-cuffed shirts complete their ceremonial looks.

With rounded or beveled closure
They do not require twin but have a simple closure with one or two buttons. To be really flawless, always wear your shirt so that the cuffs protrude about 1 cm from the sleeve of the jacket.

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