BUCALO Fall Winter 21/22 collection speaks to an elegant man with a strong temperament.
A wild man, sure of himself and who perfectly knows the sides of his character and decides to indulge them with the outfits of the new season.

Our gentleman Bucalo used to the busy, busy, city life, now portrayed in the unspoiled nature of a forest that represents the will to rediscover what our planet has to offer.

Many different models to accompany the Bucalo man throughout the winter season. All that remains is to choose which outerwear to start wearing from morning to evening.

Cream, camel, taupe, blue, burgundy autumn colors that start taking over in nature and in our wardrobe.

If by nature winter represents the season in which everything stops, for our world Bucalo this season represents liveliness not only in the colors of the sweaters and shirts but in clothing that adapts to the needs of well-being and practicality.

Suits: tradition, refinement, elegance and style, a collection designed with quality criteria with classic and minimal lines that make it an indispensable passepartout for every wardrobe.
The comfort of the materials is combined with creativity and trends. The classic silhouettes reinterpret in a contemporary key to better fit the style of modern life.

Trousers: regular fit, slim and 5 pockets to perfectly fit any occasion.