A unique style and a tradition that has been handed down for generations.

We create style, a way of being, not only to dress. We create fashion for the modern and cosmopolitan man. Our mission is to spread a distinctive and elegant style.
We made the attention to details and the use of the best Italian fabrics, our creed.
Cottons, silks, linens, wools, such as Marzotto, Zegna, Reda , help to create a recognizable style.
Elegance and quality, but at the same time convenience and comfort, these are our issues.

A unique style and a tradition that has been handed down for generations.




In 1940 opened the first factory in Palermo under the name “CAMICERIA TOMMASO BUCALO”. They only produced shirts and there were about 30 workers . Yarns and fabrics were processed expertly by the workers. This is the beginning of a long history, full of sacrifices and dedication to work, passion and commitment.



In 1957 the sons took part of the company. The consolidated family relationship turned on management efficiency. The increased demand for shirts led the company to expand the production, starting to take more specialized workers.


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Meanwhile in Palermo the company direction switched to one of the sons of Tommaso Bucalo, taking the name of I.M.C.A. Giuseppe Bucalo bringed great innovation, by increasing the distribution and making it expand throughout Italy. The entrepreneurial spirit led him to invest in the latest technological innovations, such as the famous Singer sewing machines, which allowed him to optimize production.



This is the period of awards and honors. In 1976 Giuseppe Bucalo received the “Ercole d’Oro”award. An international award for the most innovative companies.
And a year later he was awarded “Cavaliere del Lavoro” a prestigious award for his twenty years work experience.



1987 this is the breakthrough year for the brand. In this year the three sons of Giuseppe Bucalo: Giovanni, Carmelo and Piero took the direction of the company and immediately showed, with so much enthusiasm and work commitment, their willingness to innovate the brand.
BUCALO becomes a real clothing line. From shirts to clothes, from accessories to footwear.



In 1997 the company became stronger and began the real expansion. In 1997 opened the first flagship store BUCALO, in one of the most elegant streets of the center of Palermo.



2002 opened the store in Turin, then in the main shopping centers in Sicily. The ever growing business need and the desire to invest in the retail world, brings the brand to be opened also to franchising solutions. Today BUCALO’s retail network, includes direct and affiliates stores and the company is planning its expantion.